JUNE 28 - JULY 13, 2013

Opening Reception:

Friday, June 28

7:00 - 10:00 p.m.

An exhibition of images of a range of plant life grown from the earth; flowers, plants, vegetables, crops, and other interpretations.


Participating Artists:

Christin Boggs,

Great Falls, VA;

Steve Brown,

St. Louis, MO;

Derrick Burbul,

Kearney, NE;

Mike Callaghan,

San Francisco, CA;

Robin Carlson,

Evanston, IL;

Betsy Cochrane,

Oyster Bay, NY;

Gary Engle,

Fairview Park, OH;

Brett Henrikson,

Providence, RI;

Laura Valenti Jelen,

Portland, OR;

William Lemke,

Waukesha, WI;

David Luke,

Minneapolis, MN;

Megan Lee Miller,

Chicago, IL;

Eun Kwang Light Park,

Fort Lee, NJ;

Lori Pond,

Los Angeles, CA;

Vicki Reed,

Cedarberg, WI;

James Sapp,

Chicago, IL;

Marisa Scheinfeld,

New York, NY:

Heather Wetzel,

Columbus, OH;

Brian Widdis,

Grosse Pointe Park, MI;

Maureen Zwier,

St. Charles, IL.

Derrick Burbul

Maureen Zwier

Brian Widdis

Robin Carlson

Betsy Cochrane

Brett Henrikson

Christin Boggs

James Sapp

Lori Pond

Vicki Reed

Marisa Scheinfeld

David Luke

Eun Kwang Light Park

Heather Wetzel

Megan Lee Miller

Steve Brown

Gary Engle

Mike Callaghan

Laura Valenti Jelen

William Lemke